Slave Lists



1846 Slave List (transcription)

1846 Slave List  (image)

1846 Slave Women and Children  (image)

1846 Maria Warren’s slaves (image)

1850 Slave List Edenton (transcription)

1850 Slave List Edenton  (image)

1850 Slave Women and Children Edenton (image)

1851 Baptisms of Skinner slave children (images)

1852 Slave Inventory

1852 Slave Estate Division

1858 Baptisms of Skinner slave children (images)

1860 Slave List Edenton  (transcription)

1860 Slave List Edenton  (image)

1860 Slave Women and Children (image)



Reconstituted Family Groups (analysis)

Polly Lowther Family Chart (zoomable)

Older Skinner Family Slaves (analysis)

Gabriel Johnston Slave Estate 1753

Thomas King slaves 1788 (image)




albermarle fishing

“Going Out,” on the Albemarle Sound near Edenton. Drawing by David Hunter Strother, “Porte Crayon,” Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, 1857.