Thomas King Slaves 1788


Mary King Blair Slaves copy

Thomas King’s daughter, Mary, married Johnston descendant George Blair. Their daughter, Elizabeth Little Blair, married Joshua Skinner, whose slaves moved back and forth between his planation, Athol, and his brother Joseph Blount Skinner’s plantation. This document is held in the Skinner Family Papers, Collection #669, undated documents, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N.C.


Partial Transcription

Negroes belonging to Tom King.

Pomp, Minus [Mingus ?], & Cato sold by Henry King or his Father.  Dinah sold – Fiske – sold

Venus belonged to A.[ndrew] Little’s estate – Poll died – Phebe sold by H. King to T. B. H. – Hagar died young – Esther belonged to Little estate died – Nancy living Mrs. [K]   Minus – Will – died

Harry living Mrs. L – George – Isaac – Jim – Dick – Demse  [strikethrough] Arthur died at sea – Sam – Mack – not known who they belonged to probably the children of Pindar.

[Some of these names correspond with names listed in the Gabriel Johnston estate and others with names on Joseph Blount Skinner’s slave lists but there is no clear evidence to link them other than the owners’  kinship  to Gabriel Johnston.]

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Source: The Skinner Family Papers, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N.C.