Harveys Neck


Extract from the Price-Strother map, 1808, showing John Skinner’s Ashland property at the soundside tip of Harveys Neck. North Carolina Collection, UNC, Chapel Hill.

Tristrim Skinner may have been writing from his Perquimans county plantation, “Mansion House,” on the Yeopim River, his farm “Yeopim,” or from his uncle’s plantation house, “Ashland,” situated on the soundside tip of Harveys Neck. “Ashland” had formerly belonged to Tristrim’s great-uncle John Skinner, North Carolina’s first U.S. Marshall. Tristrim Skinner owned three plantations in Perquimans county in addition to his home farm, “Plantation House,” about a mile north of Edenton, North Carolina. His crops of corn, wheat, peas, rye, and cotton, and his lumber products were shipped from Edenton eastward through Albemarle Sound and the Outer Banks to Norfolk, Baltimore, and New York.